The project

was created by combining business experience with expertise in IT, manufacturing processes, and lean management.

Our business uses artificial intelligence to streamline and optimise business processes in companies of various business profiles and to improve work safety.

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Improvement of safety

Our systems identify, among other things, presence in a prohibited zone or a fall

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Saving time

Our solutions allow you to optimise the work on the production line

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Detection of incidents

Systems identify anomalies in the standard operation of the production process

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Advanced analytics

Our clients have ongoing access to a range of reports and statistics


With our proprietary AI algorithms, we process video camera images, providing businesses using video surveillance with solutions to detect, recognise, and classify events and take appropriate optimisation or prevention actions.


By working with excellent scientific staff, lean management specialists, and experienced developers and technicians, we offer businesses many options.


We know that every client, regardless of their level of technological advancement, has their own specific operating characteristics. That is why we listen carefully to our clients’ needs in order to provide them with dedicated solutions.

Our main focus is on recognising presence, movements, and the correct execution of sequences of actions at the workstation, as well as ‘catching’ unnatural behaviour in terms of work safety, including falls or fainting. We also verify the correct execution of individual tasks, signaling errors or the need for an action. This makes it possible not only to eliminate these errors, but also their consequences in the form of defective products or production downtime.

The benefits of the implementation of our solutions are felt primarily by executives and managers who supervise work in, among others, production and storage halls, logistics centers or warehouses, as well as in other spaces where employees perform their duties.



NIP 7123439493   |   KRS 0000986087
Fryderyka Chopina 41/2, 20-023 Lublin
tel. +48 511 02 02 00

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Projekt realizowany jest w ramach inwestycji funduszu VC Link, współfinansowanego ze środków Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój Poddziałanie 1.3.1 Wsparcie Projektów badawczo-rozwojowych w fazie preseed przez fundusze typu proof of concept – BRIdge Alfa.

Wartość projektu wynosi 1.100,000.00 PLN, wartość dofinansowania 880.000.00 PLN.